Friday, June 17, 2011

The Plain

It was a two foodies' mission to have an early morning breakfast at The Plain; Heidi & Ja. As early as 7:15am, even before The Plain officially open its doors...

When I first heard of The Plain, I never would have thought it would be so near to my workplace; a literally five minute walk away. You see, even though I pass it everyday (it is on the way to the parking lots), I hardly recognise it as a cafe. You would think it belonged to Chan & Goh solicitors or Swiss Capital Group; that is an office, from the lack of signage and the dark exterior. It was only on a Sunday morning, when I was later to work than usual that I saw a long line of people queuing up for coffee that I realised that was the cafe that everyone was talking about. Hence, when Ja from Thailand dropped into town, I knew I had to try it with her.

50 Craig Road.

The Plain serves superb Australian gourmet coffee, simple yet tasty sandwiches and home-made pastries, in a minimalistic setting with the occasional gorgeous vases of flowers.

Large communal table

Private dining

Financier- I was told these yummy-looking butter cakes were made by the owner's sister-in-law.


Latte (Heidi)

Skinny Cappuccino (Ja)

Salami with chilli jam Ciabatta sandwich- I like, though I think it can do with a bit more chilli jam.


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