Sunday, December 11, 2011

Paris Day 8

I apologize for the long hiatus in updating my dear blog. December 2011 was such a busy period (Christmas) for a girl who works in a patisserie that there was absolutely no time to write! No time even to watch Korean dramas!

From where I left off.

Remember the Poilane bread I bought the day before? I had it for breakfast the very next day; with a bit of butter and honey. Heaven.

Our first stop of the day was to return to the Louvre after our failed attempt to enter it.

Lo and behold! There was such! a queue at the entrance.
Do note that there are various entrance fee for different age groups and work profession. For example, I'm a youth, hence had paid for the Youth category which is a little lesser than the full Adult price. If you are a teacher or is with an Art association, you get to go in for free. Alternatively, the first Sunday of each month is free museum day in Paris. :)

The exhibits. The really famous ones.

Victoire de Samothrace.
The most beautiful of all the artwork in the Louvre, in my opinion.

Leonardo da Vinci
Mona Lisa "la Gioconda"; John the Baptist

The crowd viewing Mona Lisa.

A short break, that is lunch at the only available place inside of Le Louvre; Paul Patisserie. Half a cold prosciutto sandwich.

Venus de Milo


The Louvre museum is expansive. It has three parts, the Sully Wing, the Richelieu Wing and the Denon Wing, each holds an entirely different style of artwork. Fun fact: There are 35,000 works of art on display in the Louvre. If you were to spend 30 seconds on each piece of art, not counting the time taken walking from one artwork to the next, it would take about thirteen days to complete the largest museum in the world.

It took me an entire afternoon of quick browsing and only stopping at the displays that caught my attention (I even skipped the Egyptian, Near Eastern and Islamic sections), and my eyes and brain were tired as hell when we left it.

A quick stop at the Eiffel Tower for a photo shoot.

Dinner at a quaint bistro in Saint Germain des Pres, where the sky is still bright at 10 in the evening.

Champagne, bread with terrine trio.

A very good dish this one.
Pan-fried scallops with caramelized leeks and pureed potato.


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