Sunday, December 7, 2008

Sugar work

A hasty one here. This week and the following week, we'll be devoting ourselves entirely to sugar. Sugar work. We are going to play with all sorts of sugar: pastillage, sugar paste, sugar syrup, to build a sugar showpiece that looks like that:

Above was made by Chef Herve. Sugar work is really interesting. Some of the techniques used are quite similar to glass-making. For example, blowing, pulling, pouring, casting. Yep. The development of heat-resistant fingers is also quite crucial for a good sugar artist. (Sugar is cooked to 155 degrees Celsius and has to be pulled at the minimum temperature of 70 degrees Celsius. We are only given a mere rubber/silicone gloves for protection. That's why.)

Little pieces by Chef Herve.

My baby showpiece.

Compared to the more eye-catching pieces of my friends.

I didn't realise sugar look better bigger, when you don't have the skills to make delicate things. Well, I look forward to being able to make sugar ribbons. :D


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