Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Pyrmont market, Last French class

The most recent Saturday is my last French class in Sydney (not that I won't continue when I return but it won't be with the same bunch of people again) and also a Pyrmont market session in a very long time. God, I miss Pyrmont farmers' market. In fact, I missed 1 hour of French class just to attend the market.

The first thing I noticed upon entering the market is the aroma of steaks grilling on the pan from the steak stall. Ah, the smell of Pyrmont market. Then it was the dogs. People here love to bring their dogs out at every possible opportunity. Big dogs, small dogs. I miss Vicky.

So some last minute shopping before I return. Bought a couple of jams, 2 bags of one of Sydney's best coffee (freshly grounded) and macadamia nuts for Christmas.
Many people came that day. I think it was because the weather was so good. Bright and sunny, abit of an overkill really. We were baked while having our breakfast.
Breakfast! Cold lemonade (super good, it has like got spices and ginger in it) and chorizo sandwich with caramelised onions and tomato basil sauce. Ohhh.
Was very tempted to buy some of the pastries too. But, was wayyy too full from the sandwich. Hot weather truly makes one eat less. Great for slimming. hoho.
And then we arrived at French class, very late and very sweaty.

The class was in such a party mode. All we could think and talk about was the performance we had to give later at the party. haha, Joel is Rudolf.

Finished an hour earlier for the party. Stella, Monique and I.

Waiting for our turn to singg. We had to sing in French:

On appelait Nez Rouge... (Rudolf the red-nose reindeer)

Not the exact translation but it is the equivalent of the English version.

Gabriella, Stella,Matthiew, Monique and I.

Would you like to have some pie? hahaha.

Aww, I'll miss you...

In the center is our teacher, Liliane. Elle est chercher pour un italien surfer.

Mary, Heidi (Me) and Michele.

Party food!

"I'm not kidding, I am opening my eyes!" I would miss Matthiew extremely, him and his dry Brit humour.



Pyrmont Village said...

Am Glad that you like the Farmers Markets in Pyrmont. I love the fresh vegies that you can buy there.

Wish they were more frequent!

Heidi said...

Yes, me too! The first saturdays of past months were raining which was quite dampening really. It would be nice if they would have the market the following satuarday if the original day is raining. I would be very happy~