Monday, January 5, 2009

Shimbashi & Jugemu

Shimbashi and Jugemu is voted top 10 restaurants in Sydney. Heh heh, I shall give it a try.

Together with Stella, Roneel, Naomi and Julie, we set out to military road for one of my last dinners in Sydney before I return to Singapore.
I like the interior of the restaurant. We were seated in Jugemu, the teppanyaki part of the restaurant, which is gives a more modern feel since we all had tables and chairs. Shimbashi, which is just next to Jugemu, is the soba house which is more traditional with wooden tables.
The small teppanyaki open kitchen. Good food but slow service.
Stella and I shared sashimi.
Tenzaru soba. Hmm, delicious! Similar to what I have eaten in Kyoto.
Naomi's Soba in broth with fried mochi.
Ron's grilled vegetables. Extremely simply prepared and yet it is that tasty.
The diners.


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