Wednesday, September 30, 2009

20th Celebration


On my birthday, I cooked for my guests, all 25 of them. To make my own birthday cake would be the last straw. I do like cooking, really. I like cooking for small parties, being able to seat and dine with my guests. Casual, intimate. Which was the original plan until my loving mother decided that 10 was the weirdest party number ever; she thought 5 people on each side of the table was weird. Hence, I called some, she called more, and my brother brought back surprises, we settled for 25.

I freaked out in the afternoon. I was so afraid there wouldn't be enough food for the people. Had to do some last minute additions after I ransacked my fridge, which means more rush! I lost my head at about 6pm. I went to play the piano.

At 7pm, the food went out. Whew!

My salad spaghetti, maki sushi, garlic baked potaotes, honey mustard baked chicken, sweet sour prawns and freshly baked pizza (not in picture).

After the food, we had singing sessions with live accompaniment and all. That was enjoyable! Thank you Eddie for the beautiful playing, and my brother for your guitar show.

Chef Yamashita made my birthday cake! Thank you! I wished they could've made it to the party, chef and Ami-chan.

Obligatory birthday shots.

Brother, mother.

Cousins who I grew up with.

Cousins who I grew to adore.

My brother's best mates.

My best work mates.

Incidently, my brother and my mother thought it would be funny to smash the last piece of cake into my face. Ha. Ha.

Team Glace

Erm, thanks for the extremely adorable apron.


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