Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Santaro @ Amara

A food post! It has been a long long time since I wrote about food. It's not that I have got no time to try out new places, it's just that to write it all down, with pictures and all can be quite time-consuming. And time is not a luxury that I now possess since there is work and play time. It kind of shows how I prioritize my time. Work comes first, then play, lastly blog. Sorry guys.

A long time ago, my mother and I (together with my brother) decided we shall try this Japanese restaurant that we heard so much about. Chef at work really recommend this place though he hasn't tried. My mother read about it on the newspaper that morning. Therefore we try.

For start, we had japanese ginko nuts, very quickly dipped in hot oil. It is my first time seeing green ginko nuts and I thought they would taste really green and raw (is that how I should describe it?) but it turned out quite alright. Bittersweet.

Sashimi. Uni, salmon belly and chutoro. Top grade! Thick slices and generous portion.We were told that fresh cargo comes every Tuesday and Friday. Very sadly there was no otoro...

Softshell crab uramaki and anago sushi.

Fish essence. This is actually a condensed version of fish soup, or so the serving lady said. This soup is wow. It is like drinking chicken essence, it goes straight to your stomach and warms it up, only better. Another thing I like about this dish is the refreshing scent that lemongrass gives.

Chawanmushi. Smooth.

Wagyu sauteed with garlic, teriyaki style.

Grilled wagyu. Between the two, i like this best. Seriously, for such good beef, to add other flavours to it would be to spoil it. Wagyu should be eaten grilled with a little salt and pepper, medium rare.

A very sesame ice-cream. Imagine pumpkin ice-cream with huge chunks of pumpkin in it. A tiny scoop is enough for me, too much sesame.


Tanjong Pagar, Singapore

Amara hotel, level 2.

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Betty said...

oh the sesame icecream looks divine! never seen it that packed with black seeds before! only grey colours..

by the way - how is your pastry course going??