Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Grace's Hospitality

Strange isn't it? How friends whom you grew up with, played truant and endured punishments with, can seem so foreign and distant after you have left the nest of your childhood. Yet some people whom you met briefly, shared a workplace for a short term can show much concern for you and your well-being, who keep in contact even after long periods of absence. It is that simple "Long time no see. How are you doing?", that simple question that requires no effort at all, yet is the hardest to convey with sincerity, hardest to show from the bottom of your heart that you really care. I am lucky to know one of such person who asks "How are you doing???" all the time. She is Grace.

Grace, our former Glacé comrade, invited FLOR team over to her place for dinner. It was a home-cooked feast.

After dinner, came the surprise (which is no surprise at all cause I chanced upon it in the fridge): my birthday cake.



Chef and Ami-chan.

Thank you, Grace.


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