Monday, February 14, 2011

CNY: 2011

Wheew! I finally got some time off to write! I love holidays like these, when it feels endlessly long, haha. Let me share with you how I have spent my Chinese New Year holidays.

A better part of Chinese New Year was spent over at my Uncle's, in Malacca, eating almost non-stop. You'd have proper meals with rice, followed by some tea, then a round of munching on CNY cookies, melon seeds, more tea while you catch up on each other lives, and the next proper meal arrives. Amazingly, I could still eat! hahaha, I love my stomach.

As Aunt Angel has got enough food for a month stored in the fridge, we ate home most of the time.

Complete with Ami-chan's okonomiyaki.

On the third day of CNY though, we broke out of our stay-home-for-meals fast and came out for breakfast at this super awesome mamak stall, serving fantastic lontong and nasi lemak.
After, we spent the afternoon by the beach, munching on CNY cookies and lazing away...

Until we are hungry enough to go search for more food...

We stopped at yet another mamak stall, which is famous for their coconut shake.

And had mini packets of everything, bee hoon, nasi, mee, with a glass of their famous coconut shake. Sedap!

A tiny bit of shopping in Malacca town to exercise off the fats.

Followed by the last bit of gula melaka cendol.

Back home to Singapore.

Thank you my wonderful Kim & Angel for hosting us.

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