Thursday, August 11, 2011

London Day 3

So, to continue from where I left off, we woke up at that shabby apartment early the next morning and left to hunt for some local breakfast. I was curious as to what normal Londoners eat for breakfast...

As it turns out...
It's just white bread! Below shows the most luxurious breakfast set you can find in the local cafe. The bacon sandwich that I ordered was just white bread and bacon, full-stop.

On the bright side, they do serve a decent cup of coffee.

Move to our hotel: The Blandford Hotel. A modest, homely hotel which is just off Baker street station. Does Baker street ring a bell yet? It was the street where Sherlock Holmes used to live.

Well-fed and happy with warm bellies, we resumed our sight-seeing plans.

House of Parliament

Westminster Abbey
You can imagine how excited we were to view the inside of this historic church, more so given the recent, highly publicized marriage of Prince William and Kate. My maid, an avid British Royal Family fan, is forever telling me: "Girl girl, you must go take picture of the church okay!!" However, to our horror, the church was not open for viewing until much later, and there was a huge queue surrounding the circumference of the church already waiting. (not to mention the substantial entrance fee!) Therefore we had to satisfy with the smaller St. Margaret's Church just outside of Westminster Abbey.

Note to self: Do check in advance the opening hours of the church to avoid disappointment!

St. Margaret's Church

Sights recorded as we passed one park and a few gardens, on our way to our lunch appointment at The Ritz.

Highlight of the day: Tea at The Ritz, Piccadilly.
Well, if you do come to London, you HAVE to do a High-tea at The Ritz. It's the royalty experience you are going for; after all Queen Elizabeth did choose to celebrate her 80th birthday and golden jubilee there. Do book weeks and weeks in advance to be sure you get a table. Reservation can be done quite simply through their website at,default-en.html.

In Wikipedia, it says that The Ritz is build in a neoclassical style, which is a style that draws inspiration from the Renaissance and Baroque period. Quite charming and elegant in its setting. My mum and I can't resist taking a picture with its furniture.

At the famous Palm Court.

The Ritz offers an extensive 17 types of teas, of which I ordered Elderflower and Earl Grey. (You may change the flavour of your tea as many times as you like, in fact all 17 times if you have the capacity)

Each table is given a pot of clotted cream and strawberry jam each to go with the scones. Generosity rocks.

On a three tier stand:

Top deck- Petit fours
Fig butter cake, Dark chocolate cake, Mont Blanc, Millefeuille, Banana Macaron, Fruit tart.

Bottom deck
Freshly cut sandwiches with smoked salmon, cucumber, egg mayonnaise, roast ham and Cheddar cheese fillings

Middle deck
Warm scones and two slices of heavy fruit cake.

May I inject my own opinion here that the scones at The Ritz are by far the best I have tasted. They are different from the usual scones. They are alot smoother and softer and has this milky sweetness to it. Tastes heavenly with clotted cream and strawberry jam.

By the way, all of the above are refillable.

After the very fulfilling Tea at The Ritz, we took a leisurely stroll to the Buckingham Palace.


Buckingham Palace.

Back to Marylebone High street for dinner.

Dinner at an Italian restaurant whose name I have forgotten. Ha.


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