Wednesday, August 24, 2011

London Day 4

Day 4: Traveling round London.

Early morning brought us to Borough Market. (exit through London Bridge station)

In case you are wondering, "hmm.. Borough Market sounds familiar.." Yup, you are right. This is the market where Jamie Oliver frequents whenever he needs fresh, good produce.

He is absolutely right on this. You can get some of the best produce here; cheese, butter, poultry, vegetables, fruits, flowers etc.. with the exception of seafood.

Free-tastings too!

Just outside of Borough Market, there lived Monmouth. Don't know if you have heard of it. It is supposed to be quite a popular coffee place... but I didn't when I came. I just joined the queue like all Singaporeans do.. haha.

Coffee here is fantastic! Monmouth does all sorts of coffee; brewed, gourmet, filter, plunger.. well, all except Kopi. The coffee beans are quite pricey too, at £36 per kilo (our coffee bean of the day).

Look! Such a cool cafe concept! On your left: Chocolate truffles to go with your coffee. Right: A real communal table where you buy a plate from the cashier and just help yourself to whatever is on the table. I love this cafe.

Latte & Cappucino.

Rest of Borough Market.

Sights while we look for The London Bridge.

"London bridge is falling down, falling down, falling down.."

Look across and you'll see the Tower Bridge.

Yum cha at Chinatown.

Then off to the rough side of London: Camdentown, known for their street markets selling fashion, lifestyle, books, food, junk/antiques and more bizarre items. (Note: Watch out for your bags.)
It is very different from say.. Bond Street and Knightsbridge where you get your chi-chi Chanel and Topshop. Here at Camdentown, things sell quite cheaply, plus you get to bargain to your heart's delight.

Cyberdog: You will never never never see this kind of shop in Singapore. Ever.
First step into the shop, you'll be hit by its intense trance music and the overpowering musk of weed (marijuana). Then when you strain your eyes in its dimly lit display areas, you will discover rows of robotic-looking mannequin donning Cyberdog's brand of expensive alien fashion. Very bizarre. I didn't have the nerve to delve deeper into the supposedly large underground labyrinth of this clothing empire when my mother's friend suggested, thus returned to the safety of daylight 20minutes after.

Dinner at Royal China, a Chinese restaurant near to our hotel.

香酥鸭 Crispy duck. A highly popular Chinese dish in London apparently.

Bon appetit.


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