Thursday, September 6, 2012


I feel like an amputee.

I lost Edina;
my trusted right-hand, my movie buddy, the natural antidote to my quick temper,
to the lure of a better life elsewhere, to freedom that she yearns.

I lost my brother;
my goofy, nerdy, almost-good-looking, DNA-sharing brother,
someone who I can never feel embarrassed in front of,
to Dumfries, somewhere in Glasgow,
to study so that he may learn and grow into a better person.

Man, it feels like shit.


angelpotter said...

This is life!
Dear Heidi!
some people come some people leave
somethings happen and something do not occur
life is like a river


larharl said...

hey im not in dumfries yet my sister.. it might be a good time to pick up your piano.

Go and join some people to hang out with.
fanfiction is not your friend.
Yea but i find people in glasgow easier to hang out with than in Singapore. yahaha good luck with that.