Monday, March 11, 2013

Meeting good people

After all the bad things that has happened, the few good people that you meet, that is the silver lining I have been looking for.
Dinner with Kim, my first ever German どいつ人 end, at the local Sushi bar across Ijiri Station.

It is Kim's first experience with Nigiri sushi (also her first experience with chopsticks), so I ordered us Omakase set おまかせセット 8 pieces. (Kim ate with her hands in the end)
It's a really old style sushi bar, see how the sushi is placed directly on the wooden table?
Clear soup to go with.
The chef was so understanding with Kim, who was struggling to finish all the sushi. In the end, he packed the leftover sushi for her to bring home. (sorry Kim! we should have went for Okonomiyaki instead..)

Murasaki Sushi 紫すし
Cake of the day: Apple pie りんごパイ from Fortnum & Mason.

I shall not comment much except that it was very disappointing for a signature product. I guess apple pie is still best served warm.

Breakfast the next morning at Doutor cafe ドトル, which a chain cafe littered all over Japan. I wanted to see how is Doutor like in Japan, since we are supplying them cakes over at the Singapore branch. I am impressed. Doutor in Japan gives off a completely different vibe compared to in Singapore. Maybe Doutor Singapore should relocate to somewhere busier and smaller instead of that stupid Financial Center.

Maccha Latte 抹茶ラテ
Croque Monsieur

Cake(s) of the day from Bleu Fonce Fukuoka.

フルフル Baked Souffle. Plain baked souffle dressed in cake crumb and whipped cream. Simple yet lovely.
Seasonal Mont Blanc モンブラン. Different from their normal Mont Blanc, the colour of this Mont Blanc cream is darker in colour, and tasted exactly like chestnut, which had me totally baffled. Does Japanese creme de marron taste different from French creme de marron? I must find out.
The construction of this particular Mont Blanc is special in that it uses a feuilletine base, which allows you to concentrate more on the Mont Blanc cream itself. Not a bad idea except that it got a bit too sickening in the end. 
After a particularly sick and twisted Japanese movie that the school showed us (every Friday is movie day), I went to an Izakaya with Daniel and Jimmy (both unabashedly American).
Tofu salad 豆腐サラダ.
Stir-fried burdock root ごぼうきんぴら.
Fried chicken 鳥から揚げ.
Pizza ピざ. It puzzles me to no end. Why on earth would an Izakaya have pizza on the menu?
I hereby declare that Americans, it seems, have little or no inhibitions. (translation: they are the craziest people ever.)
I had breakfast with Kim the next morning at a cafe in Shintencho 新天町that she really likes.
BLT. A surprisingly very good one. I would definitely return for the egg and cheese version.

Ueshima Kissaten 上島コーヒー店

Cake of the day: Fruit tart フルツタルと from Hanako Fruit Cafe はなこフルツカフェ.

Told you I'd return. I originally wanted to try the Fruit Cake フルツケーキ but it sold out. Oh well. Fruit tart was quite good, and had all sorts of fruit of it, fruits that you wouldn't even think of, like pomelo.
I went back to school to attend Kim's graduation ceremony.

And went to the ultra-gay (depending how big of a fan of Pokemon you are, it could also be ultra-cool) Pokemon Center at Hakata Station. ポケモンセンタ 8階
Pikachu I choose you!
Dinner at the Hakata Daruma Ramen 博多だるまラメン, Ramen Street in Hakata Station 博多駅. I was actually craving for gyoza  餃子, and I know I wouldn't be able to finish both ramen and gyoza if I ordered the set. So it's just gyoza for now.
Mentaiko mayonaise gyoza  明太子マヨ餃子 since Fukuoka is famous for its mentaiko.



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