Sunday, March 3, 2013

Start of A New Chapter

The view from my window is actually a Japanese gravestone. hohoho.
こんいちわみんなさん!元気ですか? いま福岡にいっていますよ〜!(福岡はすごくさむい!!) 
私はいま学校で日本語おがんばって勉強しょます。 だからときどきにこのスペスに日本語でかけます。ごめんなさい、私の日本語は上手はありませんですが、がんばります。 :D

Hello Everybody. I am glad to be typing in English again. I just arrived in Fukuoka, Japan yesterday. It is ccoooooold in Fukuoka. Around 7℃ in the day. I traveled to my dormitory via public transport, which includes lugging my 21kg luggage up and down the concrete stairs while transiting between train lines. And 2 hours after leaving the airport, I arrived at Hakata Sharey Apartment, in a quiet little suburb called Ijiri いじり.

Now, let me describe my room so you can get a sense of what it is like, what I call capsule-living. Room 228 (my room number), like any other superior rooms (there are 3 classes: regular, superior and deluxe), is very small and clean. In that small rectangular space, they managed to fit in a single bed, a table (for my laptop), and another small working table, an open closet, a small refrigerator and a 3-tier shelving for my personal belongings. On top of that, it has a bathroom attached to it that has an actual bathtub, which I am already looking forward to using. My back door opens to a really narrow balcony that is equipped with racks for me to air my laundry. And my balcony offers the superb view of a Japanese garden, complete with the serene quality of Japanese tombstones. So basically it is a comfortable, cozy place.

I had my first lunch at this little joint outside Ijiri station.
 Katsu-don かつ丼  ¥600
The pork is nothing special, the sauce is average. But when the owner fried the pork cutlet to order and cooked the egg to perfection that it was still wobbly when it made its way to my table, the combination of juicy, crispy pork cutlet and wobbly, semi-soft eggs, all piping hot, is so so good.

I spent the afternoon exploring the food department of Mitsukoshi 三越 at Tenjin 天神.  It never cease to amaze me every time I visit this food heaven. And seeing the variety and quality of the cakes offered here makes me want to rush back into the kitchen to bake. I am inspired. And I have decided. I am going to eat one new cake or pastry everyday, and write about it. I can see you salivating already. :D

Since it is the strawberry season, I bought myself jumbo strawberries ¥630 to munch on while I watch Kuroko no Basket 黒子のバスケ! nom nom nom.

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larharl said...

why u watch anime. waste time read the manga. Japan's treating u good eh.