Friday, February 6, 2009

Malacca I

Originally, I had envisioned my holiday to be spent quietly. Quiet activities like reading, spending time at home, dinner with family, outing with friends, reconciling with cousins. I did all those. On top of that I baked, I hosted dinners, I helped wherever help could be given. Perhaps I was too greedy. Perhaps I should have taken my time and did one thing at a time. What's the rush?

I headed off to Malacca with my mum shortly after I returned. To receive my brother who was returning from his educational trip to China, and to attend a Christmas party.

A new breakfast place by the sea. I love it here! A mamak stall in a kampung where 1.20 ringgit nasi lemak exist.

Nasi lemak served with fried egg, fried peanuts and mini fish, and chilli sambal. So plain yet it is better than fancy ones that has chicken in it. Roti cenai is good too. What really surprised me is they actually put sambal into the curry that accompanies the cenai. This combination brings a whole new dimension to cenai. Fried, spicy, sweet and fragrant.

Followed by a short but winding walk by the sea. Instead of the expensive highrise apartments or the even more luxurious houses dominating the scenic spot, it's the little wooden kampung houses that line themselves along the beach.

And because of these kampung houses, I got to see chicks running freely, hens running after them and cocks running after the hens. I got to see flowering plants grown not only for their aesthetic but also for their edibility. I got to cast my sight far out into the sea and not see the blemish of a single ship or trash.

Last but not least, I got to eat wonderful cenai and nasi. For that alone, I am grateful.

At the party.

Look closely, Santa is smiling at you.
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