Saturday, February 7, 2009

New Year's Eve, Dozo restaurant

New Year's Eve was attended by a motley assembly of family members. Mum, brother, cousins, Aida and me.
We booked the Dozo restaurant for this special event. It is a japanese cuisine-inspired, modern, rapidly gaining popularity restaurant which serves great degustation courses.
Because there are 6 of us, we manage to try every dish on the menu. As much as I would like to, I didn't manage to capture the picture of every dish we had. I was too eager to chomp through the food.
Here we go.

Starter: Chef's seasonal assorted platter. From left we have whipped cream with smoked salmon, pan-sealed scallop with asparagus and foie gras on toast.

Cold dish. Air flown seasonal sashimi platter, beef tataki with shaved parmesan and truffle mayo mosiac, smoked duck breast on a bed of greens with cranberry venetta.

Side dish. Foie gras chawanmushi topped with black truffle slice.

Tempura battered soft shell crab on galette of mash, Hirakata mushroom two ways and gratinated escargot topped with yuzu butter.

Soups. Infusion of cepes mushroom and truffle.

Mains. Beef tenderloin on "pu-ye" and granite hot stone, oven baked Hamachi Kama on bed of risotto and baked Alantic cod fillet on puff pastry.

Dessert and drinks.

Food was great, service excellent, ambience close to perfect for it was freezing in there.
To river valley to share the countdown to the new year.
Within seconds, hundreds of balloons were let loose. White, gold, silver little dots drifted into the night sky. For a fleeting moment, it seems like a mass migration of fairy dots. That was beautiful.


Bean Sprout's Cafe said...

The food looks great ! only I want picture bigger :P

Heidi said...

haha, you can click on it to enlarge. the picture wasnt very good so i made it small, the lights in the restaurant was too dim.