Friday, February 6, 2009

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve celebration at Sun & Moon CHIJMES.

8pm. My father has kindly declined to join us, citing inexplicable reasons only he knows best. So its only us.

Pan-fried foie gras bruschetta on a single leaf of lettuce. Yumm. Pan-fried foie gras almost always taste good.

Diced salmon belly wrapped in beancurd skin. It melts, literally melts, in your mouth.

Fried sea urchin roll. Abit too unique for me.

Grilled Wagyu steak. Melts in your mouth too. Not bad but not great. And bloody pricey.

Tofu cheesecake, 3 kinds of dessert at the back. (I forgot what they are)


A little tipsy.

A little tired.


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