Monday, November 9, 2009

A love story which had ended.

Mini pumpkin pie

I have ended my three month love story with a certain patisserie. It ended sweetly, tearless, wordless. However in love I may be, I was due for a break up. I was so tired, I was past tired. I was living in a timeless routine. And I got sick of it.

I am grateful, however, to be able to meet the beautiful people whom I worked with. Apart from technical skills, more importantly, I learnt life lessons. To work together, to laugh, to appreciate, to love.

I enjoy the times when we would rush the morning together, relying on the teamwork, the trust we built to deliver beautiful cakes into the display cases in record time. I enjoy Sunday lunches taken together in the kitchen. I love conversations without spoken words, only hand signs, eye contact, head shakes. I love conversation with spoken words, a myriad of broken languages- English, Japanese, Chinese, Hokkien, to form a language that we could all understand. When I receive a rare nod or a praise from my soft-spoken chef, especially when I had worked hard for it, I could be happy for days.

Therefore as a form of closure, during my last week of work, I made Glace's marron pie. My mum's favourite. Slightly modified to a pumpkin pie.

People always have this impression that the marron pie is a muffin/ cupcake. It is not. Other than the shape, I don't see any similarities between the two. Just imagine, a layer of puff pastry base, filled with the most buttery frangipane. In the frangipane, there's a generous bit of baked pumpkin (in my case). Lastly, a crunchy almond crust. Yumm. Plus, I made it mini cupcake size. Gone in two bites. Beautiful thing really.


Bean Sprout's Cafe said...

I love this post of yours... It is so beautiful !

Heidi said...

haha thanks. it meant quite alot to me too. :D

kim-chong said...

Nice Photo!

Heidi said...

Thank you!