Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Food Hunt #2

Rule number 1 when you are food hunting: Eat sparingly, especially at the first stop, knowing that you have many more to go.

Rule number 2 when you are food hunting: Look before you leap, in my case, take the damn photos before you dig in.

Those food hunts I see on television are carried out with such efficiency and pom that I only come to realise much later that it is all editing. I sometimes wonder, in my many free time, why do the host of the food hunt shows always look so effortless. As if they have this bottomless stomach, never-ceasing hunger to keep them going on and on, looking so eager to eat the fat soaked cha kway tiao at the tenth stop of the hunt. Perhaps it's acting. But even I cannot pretend to be hungry (as much as I love to eat) when I am bursting with wanton mee, laksa, ice-cream already. After a day of trekking, I came up with rule number 1.

Team glace went on their first foodie trip together. I'll say this first. We walked the entire way. Walked. I was grateful for that. The alternative would be public transport which will result in a much quicker arrival at our next stop, shorter rest time for our poor stomachs, leading inevitably to our premature food deaths with cries of "I can't take it anymore!", not unlike the foie gras. Walking is good.

1st stop: Fei Fei Wanton mee at Joo chiat. hmmm, I didn't like the noodles. It's white and it's oily, very traditional. Remember rule number 2? I didn't. Explains why there is no photo of white and oily noodles.

2nd stop: is not really a stop. I chanced upon it, and we all went in. We saw the durian puffs. Bought 20 of them. Devoured them. And moved on. These durian puffs are like the much cheaper versions of Goodwood Park Hotel's. As you can see, the choux pastry is not really choux pastry. Overall, we like them.

Filled with durian.

3rd stop: 328 Katong Laksa. I was in disbelief when we arrived in Katong. Where has all the Katong Laksas gone? The one that we found as we walked abit further up was perhaps the only one left. Competition has disappeared it seemed.

Otah was spicy for a non-spicy eater like me.

Katong laksa is eaten with a spoon, only. With all the noodles snipped into bits, there is no need for chopsticks really. Very smart don't you think? Product differentiation. There is something about katong laksa that attracts. It is so easy to eat. With a spoon and slurp. It is generous with prawns, cockles, fishcake. It doesn't have a thick layer of chili oil. It is fragrant. I like it.

4th stop: Scoopz ice-cream at Parkway Parade. Despite my private misgiving at the way the ice-cream was made there, the durian ice-cream I had was delicious. It was full of durian bits that is appreciated when found. Rum and Raisin is good too. Lots of rum. =D

5th stop: Food market at East Coast Park. Four large coconuts. Grilled seafood. Was passable. I think we ordered from the wrong stall because with my family, we always had very good seafood that my father would order. Satay. Not good. The grilling of the satay was not up to par. Braised duck. was excellent! I love the braised duck in East Coast! And I don't even know why. Perhaps because it is so simple and honest, there is not much to dislike. Oyster omelette. Was passable.

Somehow, we did finish most of everything. See walking is good. Let's do this again.


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