Sunday, March 22, 2009


Stella and I promised the girls at French class that we will have dinner together at somewhere French after we got back from our respective home countries. Being enthusiastic foodies we all are, this promise was naturally kept. Which brought us to:

Winner – 2007 Restaurant of the Year – Sydney Morning Herald Good Food Guide
Two Hats Sydney Morning Herald Good Food Guide
3 Stars Gourmet Traveller Restaurant Guide
2007 Restaurant Magazine – Voted 96th best restaurant in the world

Modern French food and wine at a reasonable price in a comfortable, elegant location, we're coming~

The problem with not blogging with the current is you tend to forget the details. I will try my best. Therefore if there is any discrepancies, you have my apologies in advance.

The chef's offerings at the start of the course- amuse bouche. Goat cheese on something crunchy. I liked it.

Bread platter- a pumpkin and poppy seed roll, a sourdough and a straight dough epi. Bread was good, served warm.

That green wobbly looking cube there is emulsified olive oil with black truffle salt on it. Very cool though taste like ordinary olive oil. haha, they took the trouble to make cool-looking olive oil, very cute.

A grrenpea soup with a dollop of fresh cream, served cappuccino-style. I find it a little too heavy on the salt, otherwise it tastes great.

We opened a bottle of white wine (took the advice of one of the waiters) to go with our main dishes. Chardonnay was good, crisp and light, but it didn't go with our trotters, sadly.

Coffin Bay Pacific oysters, AUD3 each. I had two. They were clean and fresh, I like. I know it is not a very nice thing to do but I still do dream of Tetsuya's rice wine vinegar oysters once in a while, and compare it to every other oyster that comes in my way. Tets still the best!

Ballotine of pigs trotter stuffed with mushrooms and smoked bacon, confit celeriac and Savoy cabbage, olive oil potato puree and Modena jus, AUD49. I was not impressed. After all the excitement I worked up for Becasse, the trotter is in fact a little disappointing. Sure it was cooked well, but I didn't like the entire ensemble. I didn't reconised the trotter in the dish, perhaps by the lack of fat and soft cartilages. The vege was done rather chinese, like a stir-fry. Coming to a French restaurant, expecting French cuisine, then having Chinese,albeit French-styled, is like being told your Louis Vuitton is made in China.

A sorbet with passionfruit. Palatte cleansing, especially welcomed after the trotter.

Valrhona chocolate and caramel ‘cadeau’ with milk sorbet, AUD22. Very sweet.

Banana crème brulée with salted peanut brittle and milk coffee sorbet, AUD20. Not bad.

Heidi (c'est moi), Stella, Gabriella et Monique.

My verdict: overpriced.


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