Friday, March 20, 2009


LCB graduation night. 11th Feb, 8pm.

The entire process of walking up the stage to collect your cert, the speeches or the dux awards was nothing spectacular. It was long, it was boring and I was hell as excited. After all, I am a graduating student.

Big smiles! Edo and I holding up our huge certs like trophies.

Claire, Ja, Zara, Kimmy and I.

Ja, Kimmy, Heidi (me) and Seok.
Cynthia, Heidi (me), Nicole, Kimmy, Stella and Ja.

Teacher shots!
Chef Andre, the next head pastry chef, the funniest, the most encouraging.

Chef Gert, most racial-colour-blind and most able to take jokes. Chef Karin, like a "nazi" and most inspiring.

Nicole and I- attempt at self-shots.

Hungry fish, dead fish, kissing fish.


Chill out at Max Brenner before returning home for a good night's rest.


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