Monday, April 13, 2009

Detox in Perak

I survived without food for 3 days. Okay, I did cheat a little with tuna sandwich and fries but hey, I was really really hungry.

My mum signed the both of us up for a detox camp held in Perak. Lodging and meals provided. Breakfast: Fermented 1 day old juice with supplements. Lunch: Same juice with another shot of supplements. Dinner... you get the idea. As torturous as it sounds, it was bearable. The activities organised were bad though. It completely deviates from what I imagined how a detox camp should be. I thought there would be soft exercises like yoga, and island activities, boating, trekking, spa to keep us busy, to keep our minds from straying to food. Instead, we were kept in a small conference room for most parts, to be pelted with endless adverts about the company's product and speeches informing us of the numerous ways you can die if you do not detox using the company's product. That was unbearable.

Therefore, I stayed in my room and read the books I brought with me. The Road by Cormac McCarthy, upon Aileen's strong recommendation, and my bread book which I bought in Taiwan. Okay. Reading the bread book was a real test on my endurance, feasting on the delicious looking bread pictures and all. But the real breaking point was The Road. The hunger and despair that is so keenly depicted by the author was just too much for the hungry me who is starting to be afraid that I would become like one of those mindless hungry freaks who'd eat anything. I ordered room service. ._.

The only extra-curricular activity that enticed me to participate in- A visit to the Orang Asli.

Took a speed boat to the island.

We came to a rather modern village, fully equipped with TV and radio. I was surprised. Compared to what I see here, Orang Asli pictures taken more than ten years back by Uncle Kim were happier, friendlier, purer. I kind of expected them to still be the same people. Too bad about the astro satellite.


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