Friday, April 3, 2009

Taiwan Day 6

Day 6.

Flight day is such a rush. Woke up early morning to have breakfast at Fong Da Coffee House again. I simply love their coffee. Now, I don't go round professing my love for coffee casually for I am NOT a coffee lover. In fact, I hated coffee when I was young. It was only after I tasted the wonderful cafe lattes and cappuccinos in Sydney that I realised I have been missing out all these years. Therefore, yup, coffee has to be really good to earn my praise.

Breakfast set: 2 slices of toast with jam and butter, 2 fried eggs and ham. 210NTD.

Hazelnut cuppuccino. Just look at the swan.

After the awesome traditional coffee and toast breakfast, we realised that we woke up too early and had abit of time before we had to make our way to the airport. Thus, we made the decision to visit Eslite bookstore again, to rummage for good, cheap Taiwan books for one last time, until the next trip.

Well, it was quite a rush. Books can be rather mesmerising. We left the bookstore a little behind schedule and therefore had to run all the way from the bookstore to the MRT station, to take the train back to our hostel in Ximending. I was so winded.

We made it in good time! Thank goodness. Our parting shot with the host of our hostel, umm didn't get her name. She's a friendly friendly person, the sort who is already comfortable with you even if she doesn't know you. I would recommend this backpacker hostel to anyone on a budget trip like me. :D

Yan and I left for the airport, weaving our way through the large Taipei station to find the bus terminal. After some false starts, we did find it in the end (thank you helpful strangers). 125NTD per person to Taipei International Airport, a 45 minutes ride. At the bus terminal, there were some gangster looking taxi drivers who might really abduct you in their taxis if you're not careful. Beware!

Arriving at the airport, we gobbled up the steamed glutinous rice 卤糯米饭 and Taiwanese style sushi 台式寿司 that we bought at the bakery. They were very good. My last Taiwanese meal... Sigh.

Transiting at the Hong Kong International Airport, we had about one hour to kill. Therefore, we kind of explored the whole of the airport, while hunting for coffee to drink. I found a good one at Illy's. I wouldn't classify Illy's as good coffee but the milk was frothed so well that I have to admit it was a good one. Well, at least Illy's hire good barristers. Then we mess with the camera before actually boarding the plane.

The Heidi and Zhiyan trip- Taipei, concluded.


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