Wednesday, April 29, 2009

KV outing

This is an overdue post. I nearly clean forgotten about it. haha, here: Although it is a KV outing, it is more like a pig-out event. I don't even quite recall what I did with the veggies. Oh yes, we caught Metal Detroit City. It was disturbingly hilarious. Seeing L (from deathnote) transform himself into a double identity life-style-loving idiot and a death metal singer is disturbing. Hilarious, owell, it's Japanese, what's more to say?

Imperial Treasure. I was so hungry waiting for the two other veggies to arrive that I decided to order my food first, to feast on the wafting aroma.

Chilli sesame noodle. It is just plain noodles in chilli, sesame sauce. This way, you enjoy the noodles as it is. Yes, it is very spicy, but I like it!

Xiao long bao. The skin is thin and the bao is full of juice.

After the movie, we strolled to esplanade. There is a galore of dressy lamps on exhibit.

For dinner, minny and I went to the hawker by the side of esplanade. Of my numerous visit to esplanade, I never knew there was a hawker here. Gotta try.

We settled on BBQ and steamboat, $13 for the whole deal. It wasn't top quality, hell, it wasn't even up to the minimum standard. But we were so intrigued by it, we bought the set, just for the fun of it. =D We got a plate to choose from the selection of vegetables. So we heaped whatever there was onto the plate, as much as we could.

A plate of dubious seafood, and a plate of barely marinated meat.
I bought a plate of cockles omelette to share.

That's us!

Both BBQ and steamboat were so cute! haha. I never would have thought we could do it like this on the table. Brilliant!

Now that we were nicely fed, we attempted to walk from city hall to orchard, to exercise away some of the dinner. About 3 train stops away that is. It was a failed attempt by any means. Firstly, we don't know the way. We went about in different directions only to go back to our original start point. The last blow was when we had to ask a pair of tourists for direction. We gave up walking and took the train in the end.

For dessert, we came to GoodWoodPark hotel for their famous durian pastries! haha, the season has started, Previously, when I came with Zhiyan to buy the durian puffs, I chanced upon the other durian pastries. I was never aware that there were so many other durian pastries sitting there just for me. That was when I decided that I must return to try the rest. Yup, I'm back.

Durian crepe to share. Good old crepe with undiluted durian. Yummm.

I'm in my durian mood already.


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