Sunday, June 20, 2010

Botega Del Vino

I'm in love with Sonoma's Miche bread. Dark, sour, springy with a thick crust. Delish.

Saturday morning, Heidi was a girl on mission. Objective 1: Breakfast at Infinity cafe. But Heidi is very bad at directions, she could not find the cafe. Nevermind. Heidi adapts to situation quickly. Objective 1.1: Breakfast at Botega Del Vino- must eat that chicken sandwich Row raves about. Objective 2: Buy Sonoma's Miche bread from the same deli.

Elise bought a cranberry and turkey sandwich, which was stuffed full of rocket leaves. It was a bit dry and had way too much rocket in it.
Heidi got her chicken and egg mayo sandwich. Now she knows: chicken and egg mayo- a great combination. Shreds of tender chicken, generous amounts of salty egg mayo (where the yolks were still kind of translucent), spinach leaves and soy and linseed sourdough. Really really good.

Botega Del Vino

Potts Point 1/77 Macleay St

Phone: 9331 8333


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