Monday, June 21, 2010

Madang- Best Seafood Pancake in Sydney

The title says it all.

Banchan, complimentary side dishes. They are not fantastic like the ones in Myunga, Eastwood, but they are still good. I like the apple dressing of the lettuce salad!

Haemul pajeon 해물파전, $11-small ($19-large). Best seafood pancake ever. Simply because it has the right thickness, generous bits of squid, prawns and shallots, this awesome soy-sesame dipping sauce to go with and is damn crispy. And it stays that way through out the meal.

Nakji bokkeum 낙지볶음, stir-fried baby octopus with lots of julienne onions in gochujang sauce. It looks really spicy at first, but as I chewed on the baby octopus tentacles, I was quite relieved because it is actually quite sweet! But after a few bites, as the chilli builds up, and it gets really spicy! Beware!

Spicy tofu and crab soup. Definitely on my favourite Korean soup list. The crab meat in the soup is real stuff, not crab sticks, hence it lends this subtle sweetness to the broth. On a cold winter afternoon, this boiling hot broth with a bowl of steamed white rice is the perfect remedy to an empty stomach.

Sorry about the names and prices, I forgot all of them and had to go searching on the internet for them. This is the best I can do...

371A Pitt Street

Sydney, NSW 200

Phone: 9264 7010

The place is a little hard to get to (for me who is an absolutely fail at directions, it is almost impossible). Best find a friend who had already been there to show you the way.


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