Sunday, June 20, 2010

Fouratefive, Campos coffee

Have you ever had a time when you want to get to this place but you can't? You remember seeing that place but you don't remember how to get there? Then, after going round and round in circles looking, you gave up? Because you were too hungry to care? Well, I have.

At ten-thirty in the morning, I was suppose to be sitting in Cafe Ish, with a plate of croc-in-a-hole on my table (ever since I saw it on A Table For Two I wanted to try..). No, I was walking uphill along Albion Street, still looking for the fabled cafe; I could feel Elise stomach grumbling. No, I had not consulted the map, nor do I remember the address. I was ultra confident that I would have no problem at all finding the cafe for I had passed it at least 3 times, on my way to Crown Street. Things have a way of hiding themselves when you are looking for them, and that includes cafes as well. After walking around Surry Hills for half an hour, we decided to head to Fouratefive instead. Elise had yet to try their famous sandwiches.

11am on a Saturday morning. It was so, so busy. The insides were full. There were lots of people standing outside, waiting for their takeaway coffees and sandwiches. We were lucky. We only had to wait for about five minutes before we got our table.

Busy is as busy does. We only got our food 25 minutes after ordering...

Carrot, apple and ginger, $5. My favourite. I had it the last time I came.

Homemade creamed corn served with two poached eggs, crispy bacon and organic sourdough toast, $14. It was normal for me. Nothing fantastic. My only comment would be the creamed corn wasn't creamy enough.

Toasted sandwich, smoked ham, gruyere cheese, potato and fennel hash and bechamel sauce on organic sourdough, $11. It's like a croque monsieur except that it has potato in it. It's my first potato in a sandwich... hmmm, bit of a overkill with all that starch. And I reckon they could have used better gruyere. Still nice. It was a really big breakfast for me.

Followed by Campos Coffee at Newtown.

485 Crown Street, Surry Hills, Sydney

Phone: 9698 6485



Anonymous said...

heidi, we closed albion street bout 2 months ago. The new Address is 82 campbell street surry hills, 2 street over closer to oxford, 1 block down from longrain, just behind spice i am
cafe ish

Heidi said...

To: Josh
Oh! I had the lurking impression that it is on Campbell st but I was too hungry to confirm that suspicion.. Thanks for letting me know! Next time I will surely find it!

Bean Sprout's Cafe said...

hahahaha... u are so funny.. cant find the places u wanna go so many times :P Next time let me know and I can join ur sat breakfast, ok? I had that dish at cafe ish.. it was just fine for me but I really wanna tried their soft shell crab ommlette... lets go together :D

and..u make me wanna go Foratefive again

Bean Sprout's Cafe said...

oh, and the creamcorn dish..too oily for me