Sunday, May 3, 2009

Sweet Potato Salad

My diet lately, is quite freakily healthy. Besides the usual lunch and dinner, I have been drinking health juice and munching on salads. It's been a month since I started this rabbit-y food. Thing is, I still did gain mass. Especially around the tummy area. How come?

Well, the reason I stuck to the salad business so well is because I made the salad. I made the salad with roast pork, bacon, sweet potato... Underneath, it sits a garden of vegetables, rockets, baby spinach, cos leaves, cucumber, carrots, celery, bittergourd, whatever I can find in the garden... Then I drizzle on japanese soya and vinegar dressing that I made weeks before with a dash of honey. Lastly, generous sprinkling of ground nuts. Yumm, after salad, lunch! I guess that justifies the unusual growth of my tummy. =D

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