Friday, May 8, 2009

Beetroot Sourdough

I don't want to be a microscopic insect living deep in the fur of a rabbit. I don't even want to be a microscopic insect. But I suspect I am well on my way to become one.

Well, I guess the only consolation now is that I am at least aware of my condition, aware that I absolutely do not want to be one of those people who take the world for granted, huddling comfortably in the warmth of the rabbit's fur, aware that I do ,in fact, have the faculty of wonder.

I wonder, what if you add beetroot, freshly grated beetroot to bread dough and you bake it, what would you get? A beetroot bread, ofcourse? More than just a beetroot bread, you get a gay, lovely pink bread, infused with the musky, woody scent of beetroot, plus all its natural goodness.

Breads. My little experiment into sourdough seemed to be doing well. The little additions of sugar, subtracting the sourdough starter proved to be right- I'm going to stick to them from now on.

I got the crust I was looking for. Thin and crusty. Well, the crust was crusty when it first got out of the oven, but when it cooled it lost abit of the crustiness.

I might have to leave it in the oven for a little longer. Anyway, the heat was perfect this time round, the breads came out of the oven exactly at 30mins. Which, in my opnion, is a major factor contributing to the soft, moist interior. Woohoo~

Beetroot is a fine addition to bread. It complements the bread rather than overpower it which I think is a good thing. Moreover, it gives a lovely pink. Gay bread, haha.



soulchocolate said...

Looks amazing just like your first! If you owned a sourdough bakery I would be your first customer!

Heidi said...

Hi there! Thanks! That's a huge compliment for a little soldier like me. Do give me you email~ when I do open a bakery, I will send you an invite!