Thursday, May 7, 2009


Remember the time when I went three days without food? During that time, I had fantasies of me whipping up dishes after dishes of heart-attack food. One of which is: Lasagna.

This lasagna is not like the others. Instead of pasta sheet, I substituted it with fried shredded potatoes (in other words, hash brown). This way, I can have all of my favorite goodies in one go. I used Daniel's tomato sauce, mixed it with sauteed beef with onions, and broccoli to make the tomato base.

Layered and baked as per the usual lasagna, and pair it with generous servings of leafy salad. Yummm. I think I could improve on this dish by adding more potato to it, to give it more body, since we were eating an awful lot of mince compared to the hash. Also, I could also cut back on the salt. Have to keep in mind that the mozerella also contribute to the salt in this dish.

Needless to say, only young people were present for the lasagna. I had to wait for the opportunity to cook this because I know for sure my health-obsessed mother will definitely forbid me from making it.


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