Sunday, May 24, 2009

Dumpling festival

It was a quiet affair- the dumpling-making. Mother and daughter did away with 2 kilos rice worth of dumplings.

This post is overdue actually, 1 week overdue. Making rice dumplings is a family tradition. Year after year we would make nonya zhang, tian zhang, modern-whatever-goes zhang. Although my father would complain about how troublesome it would be, the tedious preparation, he would do it, every year- well except this year. This year he decided to be a truly carefree man who is not bound by tradition of any sort. Therefore, he refused any part in this year's dumpling-making. Very naturally, my mum took over.

With only me and my mum this year, we did the grocery ourselves, prepared the ingredients, washed the leaves, all the way to the boiling of the wrapped dumplings ourselves. My brother helped- with the washing and the eating. In fact, this will be my first time doing preparation. (In the past, I ate and review the dumplings more than I helped.) In a way, I was promoted, more responsibilities, more work satisfaction. =D

Vicks helped too. She ate whatever that fell onto the floor.

My mum's whatever-goes zhang. She integrated her organic rice mix into this zhang.


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soulchocolate said...

I love bak zhang! Ahhhh!!!! I can eat half a dozen of these all at once, seriously! ;-)