Monday, May 17, 2010

Black Star Pastry

From fouratefive, onto Black Star Pastry. The view from Black Star.

Olive Bread, $5.50. Time-Out Sydney rated Black Star Bakery one of the top ten bakeries in Sydney, so of course have to try their breads too. I chose the olive bread because 1: I love olive bread and 2. the other alternative was raisin bread, can't say I love raisin breads. the breads were almost sold out. It is a sourdough alright. Rough textured, the type that goes hard in days. I quite like the bread, but compared to consummate's olive bread, I prefer the latter. Black Star's one is a true sourdough, whereas consummate is more of an olive oil bread, therefore is softer and more fragrant.

Ninja Gingerbread, $4. It is expensive for such a small piece of gingerbread, but it is well worth the money. It is quite thick, and texture is something between a shortbread and a chewy biscuit. Spicy, bits of ginger, and a thick coat of tempered chocolate, yumm yumm.

Canele, $3. Stella ordered the canele. I am not familiar with canele, but Stella said it was very good. She likes the strong caramel taste.

I started with the legs of the gingerbread man. Imagine him crying bloody murder!, while I happily chew him off bit by bit. haha.

On our way back to the city for dinner.

277 Australia St

Newtown, 2042

Phone: 02 9557 8656



Simon Food Favourites said...

i've only tried the cakes but i should remember to try the bread next time. those ninjas are expensive aren't they. :-)

Heidi said...

go early for the breads though. I got there at around 3pm, it was only the olive and raisin breads left.. and yes, ninjas are reaaallly expensive.. but they are so so good...