Monday, May 24, 2010

Bourke Street Bakery - Crown Street

I love Crown Street. I love its seriously good cafes and restaurants, the cute little shops that you can't resist buying from, the gourmet grocers and the fact that Bourke Street Bakery is so close.

Ginger Brulee Tart, $4. I have forgotten how good it is.
Dark chocolate and sour cherry biscuit, $3.50. Soft, short and moist. Really chocolatey with random bits of sour cherry. I thought it could go for a bit more in the oven. I like my biscuits well done.

Fatter = More of me.
You see, eating all these heavy-duty goodies is actually not as bad as it seems.

The sky overcast, a drizzle that goes on and off, and wind that howls from start to end of the street. It was kind of romantic, just the two of us huddling under one umbrella, slowly making our way to the busstop. If only, if only it were a guy beside me. Then it wouldn't be so god damn cold. Not that I mind that it was Elise...

The loaf.


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