Friday, May 14, 2010

Kawa Sydney Cafe

It is a cafe that Elise and I stumbled into. We were walking along Crown sreet, Surry Hills, on a bright and sunny Saturday, after a satisfying lunch at Spice I Am. And we were looking for something sweet to finish the deal. I was particularly looking for coffee.

It was rather interesting, walking along Crown Street. It is not unlike Darling street of Balmain, or Australia street of Newtown, where cafes litter the street. Except that restaurants like Marque, Bills, Billy Kwong are also on the menu. Crown Street is clearly the place to go for seriously good food.

As I said, we stumbled into Kawa, or rather drawn by its cute exterior and busy-ness, we decided to give it a go. Kawa Sydney Cafe is just across the road from Thomas Duxton Grocer.

French tables and chairs. I love the alfresco sitting. Bask in the sun till you are warm and toast.

Elise had her usual latte with the unusual addition of soy milk, $3.50 + $0.50 for soymilk. Urgghh, it was bitter with a very strong taste of soy. Unless you are a soy-lover, I'd say give this a miss. I reckon they burnt the soymilk too, since the froth was tad too dry.

I opted for a cold banana and raspberries, honey yogurt smoothie, $6. Can't go wrong with a smoothie when you've got all the right ingredients. Yumm, perfect for a sunny Saturday afternoon.

I'd say Kawa is your average cafe that got lucky because of its location. Ambiance is definitely better than its food and service.

Something interesting that caught my eye.

348A Crown St Surry Hills NSW 2010

Phone: (02) 9331 6811

Open Daily 8am-5pm



Elise said...

This photo of mine made me looks 1 size bigger -.-
"please only look at my face..."

Heidi said...

shall i crop and show your face only??

Elise said...

hmm... good idea too...

Anonymous said...

I was interested to find your blog. Can you tell me what was wrong with the service? Constructive criticism is always good, and as for food did you try it? you only mentioned a soy latte and a smoothie.