Sunday, October 19, 2008

Beach Fun and Noodle Festival

Cynthia moved to Manly, so we tagged along to play at the beach. Well, more of eating then playing since the water is so freezing cold.

The sea is so amazingly beautiful. It has this deep, blue colour that contrast with the cloudless, pale sky. So we decided to paste our faces there. haha.

The electric grill that the Sydney government (so nice of them!) provides is fantastic. One flick on the switch, the plate heats up in minutes. It beats the charcoal grill in speed and convenience but it does lack that good old BBQ taste. Owell, you get some, you loose some.

We bought meat patties and bacon from woolies to make burgers. Kimmy is the real expert here. (She does BBQ whenever she doesn't feel like cooking. How strange. Isn't BBQ more of a hassle than cooking? Nevermind that.) She grilled all the patties and bacon to perfection and even taught us to clean the heating plates effectively with coke and sprite! haha, that was fun.

Our neighbouring BBQ station was occupied by these three old men, who were drunk when we got there. One pee-ed in the bushes though there is one very clean toilet within sight. Another went into the sea and scooped a huge pile of seaweed and draped it on his head, and pretended to be a lady. (hahaha! that was hilarious! though no one dared to laugh for fear that he would attack us with his seaweed.) The last one was too drunk to do anything except to take pictures of seaweed head.

After deciding that the water was too icy to play in, we played with Eduardo instead. We buried him knee-deep instead. haha! And we took turns to pose with him. The other male member of our group (Hong) went to hide in the rocks to escape the sun. -_-""

The same evening, joined by Ja, we went to the Noodle Festival (as part of the Good Food Month promotion) at Hyde Park.

For a Noodle Festival, I expect to see noodles from all over the world. But it was mostly an Asian affair. Singapore Guo Tiao King was one of the more popular stalls in the fair.

Believe me, the five of us had a buffet spread of food between us, but somehow I only took pictures for the fried calamari and dim sum platter from East Ocean. We also bought Char Kway Tiao (without chilli?!), Wanton noodle, Phat Thai, Coopers beer and desserts. Hias...still a Singaporean at heart. :)

Ja, Stella and I. (Plus Kimmy and Hong, still queueing for food.)


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