Friday, October 24, 2008

Mamak, Sugar hits @ Kings Cross Hotel

Foodie adventure!

My Good Food Month celebration this time, is Malaysian food. Well, Singaporean food too, since we share most of the culture. Off we trot to Mamak, the recipient of one hat (the Australian equivalent of the Michelin star) and top 10 restaurant in Sydney = Must-try.

24th Oct 2008, 7:15pm, Stella, Ja and I queued outside the small, little restaurant of Mamak in quiet anticipation. Stella is on a self-imposed regime to endeavor herself to spicy food, therefore is anxiously preparing herself for the spicy ordeal. Ja is excited because she gets to see the cute waiter whom she has a crush on. Me, I am just happy to eat home food.

We ordered: 2 teh ais limau, 1 ais limau, nasi lemak, murtabak and ayam goreng. Super home feel, except for the murtabak which I think has an western twist. But still good!

Cheers! I think I have too many of Stella's pictures in my computer, hence I am going to take a "Stella' break for the moment and focus other people. haha, paiseh ah...

Heehee, the cute waiter. He definitely looks cuter in person. Ja was elated when she got to pose with him, haha. See how wide her smile is? 1cm wide.

I can't resist too, haha! His girlfriend is just behind us... Oops.

Next up was Sugar Hitz at Kings Cross Hotel. We sat at the alfresco area, comfortably warmed by the heat lamps and entertained by the blinding Coca-cola advertisements.

Brown Brothers Orange Muscat. I do taste a distinct difference in sweetness from the one we tried at Four Seasons and the one here. This is sweeter which made me wonder if Four Seasons dilute theirs with water. Not that I mind, I do prefer less sweet.

White and Black Tasting plate: White chocolate panna cotta, Dark chocolate fondant with chocolate sorbet, champagne raspberry with rhubarb compote. hmmm, the chocolatey parts were wonderful for their intense chocolate flavour. But the panna cotta is so disappointing. Too sweet and too corn floury. bleh, we still wipe the whole lot off. Can't waste food right.


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