Friday, October 24, 2008

Chocolate Box, Fruit jelly

This week's lessons are focused on chocolate. On Monday, we made nougat de montelimar and raspberry fruit jelly to be hand-dipped in chocolate on Tuesday. On Wednesday, we concentrated on making the chocolate boxes which will be part of our assessment on November.

Chef Herve was asked to create a berries and chocolate dessert for a magazine photo shoot. So he made this quick chocolate mousse with a berries compote with red wine. Pretty huh.

The round chocolate box by Chef Herve.

Hand-dipped chocolates, raspberry fruit jelly coated in sugar and the chocolate box by Chef Herve.

I didn't take any photos of my nougat and fruit jelly due to some unknown reason that just escapes me. But I did capture my beautifully made chocolate box. I was so pleased with it because Chef Herve pointed out that my box was the only one with the right dimensions. *crackles* Simplicity is the way to go.



Anonymous said...

I'm just browsing around for Christmas ideas as its getting ever closer and it will be here before I know it. This chocolate gift set looks absolutely adorable!
The great thing with my family and friends is that I know they are all chocolate mad! So buying for them isn't very hard as I know what tickles their taste buds.
Last year I brought my best friend the boo box from hotel chocolat and it brought the biggest smile to her face.

jelly said...

Of all the chocolate goodness pictured here, the chocolate-dipped chips made my mouth water the most. Don't know why...I guess it seems like the perfect mix of sweet.

Eddy said...

I have planned to give surprise to my friend on his birthday and now its final that i'll gift her a chocolate cake decorated with jelly. Thanks for such a beautiful idea dear.