Friday, July 10, 2009

Chocolate tart

Tart au chocolat noir

I resigned. 44 days after.

As an expression of gratitude towards my (ex-) bosses, I made the Le Cordon Bleu tart au chocolat noir that Ja seems to like so much, for them. I even went to Ulu Loop to get the chocolate for this. So so far.

These little tartlets were supposedly for my kitchen colleagues. BUT I could not help but eat a few. And I met a pastry-loving taxi driver, therefore I had to give him at least one to try. While having coffee with Aileen, we had two of the tartlets. (I'm not to be trusted with sweet gifts...) Hence after doing the math, I figured it wasn't worth to go all the way down just to pass them the leftover tarts. I shall make another batch this week! And practice self-control!

The whole tart was, in a way, harder to eat. It is rather noticeable if one slice were missing. Therefore, that arrived safely into my boss' hands.



soulchocolate said...

I love love love chocolate tarts, particularly when they look this good! Is that a sprinkling of pistachio nuts? What a beautiful finishing touch.

Heidi said...

:D I love chocolate tart too! haha, i used a 70% dark chocolate for this one. And yes, it's pistachio.

Anonymous said...


Are you able to give your recipe for these tarts? They look amazing!