Friday, July 31, 2009

Nothing to do with chocolate tarts

It is time to break the news- I am working at Glace Patisserie! Located at Chinatown Plaza, 34 Craig Road.

The coming Sunday will mark my 2 weeks in Glace. Wheew! It is hard work. 11 hours from morning to dusk. We scurry like ants to produce enough cakes to feed the customers, sometimes even rejecting orders. Are our cakes that good? (they aren't cheap, by the way)

Ofcourse, our cakes are good. They are fresh. Very fresh. Cake bases, sponge, frangipane tart, are made the day before. Then we come early the next morning to begin assembling the cake. Cut the strawberries! Whip the cream! Prepare the glace! By 11am, all cakes should be out in the display counter. After the morning battle, we give the ktichen a clean and begin the next day's production. And the routine continues.

Sometimes, when I return from work, all I remember is washing and cleaning. We don't have a designated wash-up guys you see (though I think we should). Therefore, every bowl, every single scraper you use, you got to wash it. And me, being the newest member in the kitchen, somehow washes alot. Well, I can't blame the others since I am not familiar with the kitchen. At times, I would just stare dumbly at the others, until the chef sends me off to the sink. Right now, I think I am improving. I am the cake wrapper. Right.

Our cakes are lovely to see and eat, the main reason I still there, so that I can eat the trimmings for free!

I love the strawberry souffle! A thin layer of sponge, on top of it, a very light cheese cake. Then we mask it with cream and lastly heap strawberries on it! I am also falling in love with their matcha cake, marron pie and rinrin cheese tart! Yumm yumm!

When will I be able to mask, pipe, cut, fold, bake, I wonder?


Bean Sprout's Cafe said...

Nice to hear that you got a great place...waiting to see the shop's product or even inside.. Will you post?

Heidi said...

When I actually get the chance to take pictures. Everyday is a big rush! No time even for proper rest. sighh, i dont even know if it is a good thing or bad.