Monday, July 13, 2009

Durian Mousse Cake

Ants just tried to eat my macbook. I found them crawling with their six spindly legs all over my keyboard. Ah, I see one, two on my screen now. But I shall ignore them. As long as they don't prevent me from typing, I am pretty fine with ants.

Saturday, was my cousin's birthday. On top of an interview at Glace Patisserie, I am also going to make a 25 pax birthday cake for her.

Flavour will be durian, since her mum is going to supply me with home-grown durian from her village in Kulai. The kampong durian has a fantastic, powerful flavour. It's beautiful, pungent smell permeates out of its container, seeps out of the fridge into the kitchen. My mum was mortified. My little chocolate tarts, which share the same fridge, all taste and smell like durian.

I used the normal genoise recipe for this, and baked them in ikea food trays, therefore the round rectangle shape. Then I soaked them in abit of molasses sugar syrup. I thought it would go well with durian. Next I prepared the durian mousse with semi-whipped cream and gelatine. The easy part was over.

Assembly was more tricky. I realised, with shock, that I am a poor cream-whipper at home. It is never perfect the way I want it. It is either too soft, too hard, and when I'm irritated, it turns to butter. But I try my best. So, after the mousse is nicely sandwiched between the two genoise sponge layers, I attempt to mask the cake.

Masking (the cake) is without a doubt the most tedious process in the production of a proper celebration cake, for me. Got to wait while the cream harden slightly in the freezer. Got to make sure the cream is smooth and flawless looking on the cake. Got to have even layer of cream on all sides. Got to find something to do while you wait for the cream to harden...

The fun part- decorating. With fruits and mint leaves from the garden. Voila! The Birthday Cake is completed!

The birthday girl, my cousin. 21st birthday.

My family and her mum.

I cut the cake.


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