Monday, July 13, 2009


Mum got this idea that we could open a small stall to sell little chocolate tartlets, after she saw the cute tartlets I made for my bosses. So she got me to make a variety of flavours.

70% is, well, 70%. Very bitter, very good.

Coffee liqueur is lost in the bitterness of the 70% chocolate base. haha.

Grand Marnier, too, is lost, to a even greater extent, in the excellent 70% chocolate. hahaha.

Mango is a weird one. I put fresh mango cubes into the ganache to bake. The mango sort of melted into the chocolate, creating this subtle fragrance that only mango can produce, all according to my mum. I, for the record, could not taste anything mango.

What a fun excercise.

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soulchocolate said...

That's such an attractive poster thingy you have there. You could try a caramel with roasted hazelnuts with the 70% dark chocolate ganache, works like a charm! The other thing would be mini cheesecakes- love love love them!