Monday, July 6, 2009

Food Hunt

Food hunt from last last week.

I was about to be sick. My head feels heavy with marshmallows, my nose was constantly running. But I thought about how precious my day off is, and I don't want to spend it lounging at home, I decided to go ahead with the food hunt- the silly choices we make when we're young.

Together with H, we started off with traditional malay kueh tutu- puttu piring, at Gelang Serai. This tutu kueh is not like the common variety that you would have with the coconut/ peanut filling. It has only one kind of filling, which is gula melaka, and you eat it with the salty dessicated coconut. Hmmm.

3 for $1. H and I ate this piping hot off the steamer. The kueh is so short, it falls apart while you're trying to eat it. Salty, sweet and fragrant. I like!

And, that's the end of our food hunt. haha. I couldn't find the energy to travel to Thompson for chicken rice, nor Clarke Quay for taiyaki. Hence, we decided to go down to kinokuniya to hunt for books instead. Next up: book hunt. Hunting for books was fun. It requires a special set of skills- good eyes and luck; good eyes when you found your book, luck when you get the edition you want. Anyway, I got two books, a pastry bible and The Last Lecture by Randy Paush (inspiring!), at a 20% discount! :D

To meet M at her workplace, we took a bus down to Island Creamery, Serine Center.

I have heard many nice things about Island Creamery but have never tried any of their ice-creams until this day. Gosh, the ice-creams are goood. Flavours are true and powerful. To quote M: Mango ice-cream tastes just like mango, not mango ice-cream.

We had: Pulut Hitam, Coconut swirl and Bandung.

H, M and I.

Feeling slightly better after the ice-creams, I headed to meet my parents for a round of chilli crabs.



Bean Sprout's Cafe said...

Oh my ! when i read this sentence, esp the last one '''The kueh is so short, it falls apart while you're trying to eat it. Salty, sweet and fragrant. I like!'' I can hear ur voice and ur laugh..

I miss u T_T

Heidi said...

:) when you put it like that, so frankly said, I can feel the warmth of your words. I do miss you too. You the and rest of the people, sometimes when things don't go right in Singapore, I think of you and kimmy, and the times we had. then, damn, I should be there having fun with you guys.