Thursday, April 8, 2010

Campos Coffee

Sorry for being fickle minded, but I have a new favourite. Goodbye Toby's, welcome Campos!

I love Campos interior! Rustic and cozy, just the way I imagine a coffee house should be. I especially adore counter seats by the window... I don't know... should I say I think it feels romantic? A romance with oneself.

Huge coffee bean roaster on my left; it does create that artisan-coffee image doesn't it? Pardon me, for the lack of latte art. It seemed that the barrister mistook my order for take-away. Still tastes, smells great anyway. How do I put it? Campos taste more coffee than Toby's. Campos has managed to coax out the intense coffee aroma (perhaps by doing a stronger roast) without loosing that soft, silkiness that goes so well with milk.

193 Missenden Road

Newtown NSW 2042

Opening hours:

Mon-Fri 7am to 4pm

Sat 8am to 5pm


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