Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Home with Chef, Nara, Japan- VI

Day 7- was all about food. The first thing Chef said to me as he picked us up from the hotel was: ランチにいこうか! (let's go for lunch!) thank god for the fact that my brother and I woke up too late to be in time for breakfast...

I'm sure most people knows Osaka's local dish called the Okonomiyaki お好み焼き, but how many, I wonder, knows its sister dish: Monjayaki もんじゃ焼き? That was what we had for lunch.

Well, we had all the four yaki dishes actually. It came as a set for 4 people. Monjayaki もんじゃ焼き, okonomiyaki お好み焼き, yakisoba 焼きそば (fried soba), yakigohan 焼きご飯 (fried rice). yummy yummy, all the yakimono 焼き物.

That will be HD, JD, AJ and W. I think my brother looked like he had one too many cups of coffee, and AJ looked like he had none.

How to make monjayaki もんじゃ焼き:

tadah! It is kind of gooey and crunchy (depending on what kind of filling you choose to put into your monjayaki) at the same time. Taste like any of the yakimono since they kind of use the same condiments, which was rather tasty. oh yes, we each had a tiny scraper to deliver/scrape the sticky mess from the teppan into our mouths.

Miso-stewed beef. Taste great. The meat is so soft that you can easily pull it apart.

Okonomiyaki お好み焼き. Bonito flakes and mayonnaise is free-flow.

Fried rice and noodles with bits of konnyaku.

Ami chan's auntie, whom we address as machine-gun auntie because she talks like one, and her husband paid for our lunch. Thank you very much!

Chef's friend's patisserie. I like the interior decor. It feels very warm and inviting, like a country house.

Wide selection of cookies.

Market research.


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