Friday, April 30, 2010

Home with Chef, Nara, Japan- VII

Day 8- was the day of preparation and goodbyes.

See that girl in a red jacket sitting at the piano? That's me. I think this picture looks kind of eerie. Is that how people see me when I'm playing the piano??

Chef brought us to Horyuji, the oldest temple in Japan.

Temple grounds.

きれい ですね。。もう いかい 見たいんです。

Lunch- Kakiage Soba かき揚げ そば, not the best soba.

Saying goodbye to the Yamashita family.

Arrival at ANA gate tower hotel, which is very near the airport. We have an early flight the next morning. View from our hotel window.

Ami-chan. 四连拍.

Dinner with designer-san.
Sake, standing in a box of icy cold water.

Sashimi and steak set- looks kind of dangy doesn't it?

But the company was good. =)

Our last visit to our favourite store: Lawson, where we had our last fruit milk, onigiri and canned coffees. I think, in a way, Lawson defines Japan- it is every where, or in weiloon's words: 跟蟑螂一样多.


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