Saturday, April 3, 2010

The Hunt for the Portuguese Egg Tart

This food post features the Portuguese Egg Tart.

One fine Thursday morning, Elise and I decide to visit "Little Portugal" to search for true blue Portuguese egg tarts. You see, we, one Malaysian one Singaporean, are no stranger to the famous Portuguese egg tart for we have our versions of it in our home country, and they are really good; rich, flaky and eggy. Thing is, although they are called Portuguese egg tart, they were made by local Singaporean. In a sense, I have never tried a real Portuguese egg tart. I am curious.

Sweet Belem.

A well-decorated patisserie, serving both Portuguese and European pastries.
Coffee is Italian brew. Right: Orange brioche, $3. A lighter version of the original brioche, sandwiched with sweet orange jam, which doesn't taste anything like orange.

Portuguese egg tart. Filo pastry-based, filled with a lighter and sweeter egg custard, dusted with cinnamon powder. Not my cup of tea, especially with the addition of cinnamon. I prefer richer, for both pastry base and custard. $3

La Patisserie, a few shop front down Belem.

Humble little patisserie featuring all Portuguese pastries, in a food court setting.

The Portuguese egg tart looks better, more to my liking, here. Nicely caramelised on the top. As with Sweet Belem, it uses filo pastry and light egg custard. $3

Motolof. A baked soft meringue, drizzled with a custard sauce which taste like "kaya" and almond flakes. The meringue reminds me of marshmallow. Interesting taste. Would have been better if the sauce were warm. $3

Sweet Belem
35B and 35C New Canterbury Rd, Petersham
Tel: +61 (02) 9572 6685

La Patisserie
a few shop front to the right of Sweet Belem.


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Simon Food Favourites said...

i like how you compared both of them on the same day :-) so it sounds like you like La Patisserie better? these 2 places are probably the only ones i know of which make decent portuguese tarts fresh. know any other places you can recommended trying? there's a place in Bondi Junction called Pastelaria Caravela but i found them a bit too runny when i tried them last time but perhaps they were just too freshly made.