Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Home with Chef, Nara, Japan- V

Day 6- After breakfast, chef brought us to his father's fields, where Otosan and his brother-in-law were planting suika すいか, watermelon.

Edamame えだまめ.

Yield is about 300 watermelon in Autumn.

Todaiji temple.

Nara deer park. Kids will be kids.

I like how in this picture the tree looks like it is following chef.

Lunch- kamameshi 釜飯, iron-pot steamed rice. We waited an hour for our orders to cook. The best part of the kamameshi is the burnt rice stuck to the sides and the bottom of the pot. And it takes some skills to get the burnt rice out. The trick is to remember to cover your pot every time you scoop rice. This way, the pot will steam, and the steam allows you to easily scrape burnt rice of the pot.

I had the unagi set. Really really good!


Shika and I!

I prefer Nigatsu-do to Daibutsu, even though they are only a few hundred metres apart. It is quieter at Nigatsu-do, which allows you to fully bask in the lush greenery and take in the old wooden structures of the temple.

Dinner at Jun chan's place- gyoza nabe! Thank you for the meal!


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