Sunday, November 2, 2008

Chocolate Showpiece

2 weeks of intensive chocolate sessions have changed my feelings for chocolates. Previously, chocolate was difficult to deal with, tempering is hell and the uniform is always covered with chocolate after each class. After I got past the tempering hurdle, chocolate is just plain tedious, the constant re-heating and a super messy bench. Plus it is a non-eating project which leaves me very hungry during each demo class. I still prefer eating to making. ._.

This week, we were supposed to make a chocolate showpiece, a cumulative project which takes three days to complete. But Chef Herve was so fast and efficient with chocolate, he made 2 showpieces and a few extra decorative pieces in the time we made 1 showpiece.

His fishy showpiece. The giant fish is made with with several egg shell in varying sizes. I call the prehistoric-looking fish Nemo's great grand-dad. And it looks as though it is trapped in Medusa's hair while trying to get to the flower. haha.
The second chocolate showpiece is a bird perched on a tree. For some peculiar reason, I didn't document my showpiece, again. I thought I did take at least one picture of my showpiece but I just can't find it in the photo library. My computer seems to reject stuff that it thinks are not aesthetically pleasing. Bahh.

Strangely, my friends' showpieces survived. (Hey, mine is not that bad okayy.)

Hong's doggy in a shrine piece.
Stella's (if I remember correctly) ribbon forest piece.
This is my favorite. Cynthia's flying turtle piece.

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