Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Croissant and white and dark chocolate mousse cake from Ganache, which R bought for Elise and I. Thanks!

I has the croissant the day after, hence couldn't really tell if it has that crunch or not, but sure does taste good. Very buttery. R told me that Ganache reckons he is the best croissant maker in Sydney.. hmmm, I don't know about that since I'm not a croissant-type of person, meaning I don't go round Sydney eating croissants. But I sure have tasted better in other countries... Anyway, I made a bacon and cheese sandwich with the croissant the following morning. Totally yumm. =D

The chocolate cake was really good. It is like a feuille d'autumne except that it uses white chocolate for wrapping the cake. The dark chocolate mousse with dark chocolate sponge inside is rich and not too sweet, which compliments nicely with the much sweeter white chocolate. I like!

Thanks R!


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