Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Guylian Belgium Chocolate Cafe

The dessert after Kasumi.

I have heard alot about Guylian. Mostly it's too bloody expensive! I am curious..

Conclusion: Prices don't match expectations. For take-away, it is $9.50 for that little thing. For dine-in, the price varies from $15.95 to $16.25 (I don't see the difference..). If it weren't for the exorbitant prices, I would say the desserts here are not too bad; your standard up-markety fancy pastries. For that kind of price, I expect liquor infused chocolate bonbons, more than beautiful designs, art pieces, you know what I mean.

100% pure pleasure- panna cotta enclosed in chocolate mousse, covered with chocolate glaze. Dessert plating: a brush of raspberry coulis.

Chestnut Chocolate Cake- chestnut and chocolate ganache, chocolate sponge, covered with chocolate. Can't really taste the chestnut. I guess they used the chestnut paste, which is why it is super sweet. Plus no chestnut bits. Sigh, why call it a chestnut cake? On the bright side, the dessert plating comes with a chocolate passionfruit ice-cream, real surprise here. It was the saving grace of this plate.

Coffee costs around $5. Shouldn't be going back any time soon.

91 George Street

The Rocks

Sydney NSW 2000


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Anonymous said...

I dont know about the chestnut cake, but looking at the photos I am really amazed. I want these beauties, want them badly....The look like piece of art!